Dangerous Biggest Wood Sawmill Machine Working - Extreme Fast Wood Processor Cutting Big Log Easy

게시일 2018. 08. 25.
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Dangerous Biggest Wood Sawmill Machine Working, Modern Wood Cutting Machine
- Extreme Fast Wood Processor Cutting Big Log Easy

TAT Woodworking
  • Володя Басарский

    Володя Басарский

    25 일 전

    Хорошо что не пилорамщик , а крановщик на KAMASUT 250.

  • Washington Gonzalez

    Washington Gonzalez

    개월 전

    Desde Uruguay

  • Washington Gonzalez

    Washington Gonzalez

    개월 전

    Felicitaciones por la gran labor saludos desde un país chinito pero grande de corazón bendisiones para todos

  • fasx56


    개월 전

    The way these guys are feeding wood into that Saw there is No Room for a mistake, a serious injury is ready to happen. Wish them well working in such dangerous conditions.

  • Van RoGui

    Van RoGui

    개월 전

    Que povo maluco eles trabalham sem segurança alguma. Horrível esse vídeo.

  • Luan Trình

    Luan Trình

    2 개월 전


  • Searb reath

    Searb reath

    2 개월 전

    look how thick their backs and necks are

  • valdevidi ençino

    valdevidi ençino

    2 개월 전

    ola belo canal

  • Burn Dog Australia

    Burn Dog Australia

    3 개월 전

    No expense was spared here for the workers SAFETY

  • Adriano Leuzzi

    Adriano Leuzzi

    3 개월 전

    I primi operai tagliatori di sembrano troppo a rischio. Spero di sbagliarmi. Buon lavoro.

  • PartTimeTourist


    3 개월 전


    • Don Bray

      Don Bray

      개월 전

      They just keep getting more dangerous each new video!

  • ys Park

    ys Park

    4 개월 전

    안 전 제 일!

  • Fredy Puente

    Fredy Puente

    4 개월 전


  • Once Before

    Once Before

    4 개월 전

    oh my gawd --- i can't even watch this whole video --- i am going to have nightmares

  • Andrey Puris

    Andrey Puris

    5 개월 전

    10:11 каптит ну пилет😁😁😁😁

  • Felix Klempka

    Felix Klempka

    6 개월 전

    They just seem to be turning beautiful slabs of wood into tomato stakes.

  • Raymond Napieralski

    Raymond Napieralski

    6 개월 전


  • John Kaipeng

    John Kaipeng

    8 개월 전

    Thank you for showing a sawmill

  • AA Paintinst

    AA Paintinst

    8 개월 전

    Love the nod to Health and Safety with the dust mask on the guy in the Chelsea shirt.

    • José Francisco

      José Francisco

      22 일 전

      @jthepickle7 nao só. que vai ser nao e o que já e mentira ou cerdade

    • Sulis Tia

      Sulis Tia

      23 일 전

      @jthepickle7 vçv jj jj b

    • Abe Mat

      Abe Mat

      24 일 전


    • Patel Nanu

      Patel Nanu

      개월 전

      Ttyl I don't know

    • Vivo Y91

      Vivo Y91

      3 개월 전

      @jthepickle7 ภธภ

  • Randy Allen

    Randy Allen

    8 개월 전

    No OCHE here

  • Всего по немногу

    Всего по немногу

    11 개월 전

    Каменный век...........

  • Vanxay Boualong

    Vanxay Boualong

    년 전

    it's too dangerous

  • Gracie Walker

    Gracie Walker

    년 전

    Love the old tractor saw. Boom saw. Chopa saw. We had an old Fordson tractor saw we used as a brake down saw. The rip bench for garden timber an sleepers the miss working on the red gums

  • dingor xd

    dingor xd

    년 전

    fucking idiots big idiots

  • Ernst Fischer

    Ernst Fischer

    년 전

    Wo die diesen Baum wohl Geklaut haben

  • Htay Lin

    Htay Lin

    년 전

    Hard work

  • Bálint Szabó

    Bálint Szabó

    년 전

    • ASDA SDA

      ASDA SDA

      8 개월 전

      Bálint Szabóงบลงงช

  • Truyện Ngắn Ngôn Tinh 2019

    Truyện Ngắn Ngôn Tinh 2019

    년 전

    two hardworking old friends

    • Rahmi Raffasya

      Rahmi Raffasya

      4 개월 전


  • Shawana Washington

    Shawana Washington

    년 전

    HOLY SH@#$% !!!!

  • kamlesh kumar

    kamlesh kumar

    년 전

    Saman milega kaha 9522876030

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow

    년 전

    Labor must be plentiful and cheap, inasmuch, as the machines do not seem to have any built-in safety precautions whatsoever and the laborers seem to be totally uncaring when working around the open blades. Although some of the workers are shown wearing gloves, I suppose that is to prevent dirt from getting under the nails of their sliced off fingers.

  • Jean


    년 전

    Well!!!... more crazy!!..... does not exists!!!... hurrry......; By

  • zane lile

    zane lile

    년 전

    I don't like the blade spinning and no guards.

  • Ederson simples

    Ederson simples

    년 전

    Perigo 😱

  • sedat kurteş

    sedat kurteş

    2 년 전

    Danger wouww bu ne güvenika yokuta is ve çiş guvenakumakuta yokatabumakata büzükomatu hadi ordan bi bokyokanumatapatata

  • Range Man

    Range Man

    2 년 전

    I wonder how long that big blade stays sharp digging into the dirt? the link below shows one of the (two) chops saws I built in 2012.... the larger one has a 40" blade and a 1950 Jeep motor....   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRw5TmCGdlg

  • Mateus Machado

    Mateus Machado

    2 년 전

    09:17 minions kkkkk

    • Ruben Ceratti

      Ruben Ceratti

      10 개월 전


    • Miguel Martinez

      Miguel Martinez

      년 전


  • Dave Osland

    Dave Osland

    2 년 전

    just waiting for hands and fingers to go flying.....

    • Don Bray

      Don Bray

      개월 전

      There so un protected they be lucky if lose only a few fingers and not there life!

    • Alagappan Pushparaja

      Alagappan Pushparaja

      3 개월 전


    • Jaxx Brat

      Jaxx Brat

      년 전

      Cause your stupid

  • Mike Sokolow

    Mike Sokolow

    2 년 전

    Glad I bought a sawmill that can cut A 54" dia log right where it lays on the ground, just set it up around the log.

    • Andre Grosso

      Andre Grosso

      4 개월 전

      @西村卓三 7 66

    • Douglas Oakley

      Douglas Oakley

      년 전

      I wish you were near cause I have a pin oak about that big that hurricane Michael brought down!

    • 西村卓三


      2 년 전

      Mike Sokolow v

  • Knut Cup

    Knut Cup

    2 년 전

    Does this mean that PPE is for the incompetant?

    • Michael Edwards

      Michael Edwards

      2 년 전

      After taking a survey stubby and nubbs both say yes.

    • Cường Nguyễn Đức

      Cường Nguyễn Đức

      2 년 전


  • Coyotes & Cactus

    Coyotes & Cactus

    2 년 전

    OSHA? NO, no OSHA here.



    2 년 전

    !!!!!!! ils sont malades ?????

  • North Dakota

    North Dakota

    2 년 전

    No place for a guy as clumsy as me.

  • Two Beers

    Two Beers

    2 년 전

    Originally they thought this was going to be a 3hr. job.

  • DannoTull


    2 년 전

    that first seen is crazy, an operation that large should have an automatic slicer to prevent loss of fingers or worse.

    • Travis the chimp

      Travis the chimp

      2 개월 전

      If they had an auto slicing machine those two employed workers would have probably much bigger problems to worry about then lopping off a few digits.

    • avoidtheherd


      년 전

      The man's fingers on his right hand must have PTSD every night after work.

    • Jaxx Brat

      Jaxx Brat

      년 전

      Im sure they were watching their fingers

    • Michal Rimmerak

      Michal Rimmerak

      2 년 전

      It looks crazy, because it is minimally 1,25x faster in video. Try to slow down to 0,75x and you will see, that it is not looking to dangerous.

  • Phạm Trường

    Phạm Trường

    2 년 전

    .0H C7XD

    • Marina Gonzalez

      Marina Gonzalez

      년 전

      Perros con las china

  • Scott H

    Scott H

    2 년 전

    Have the Starbucks in your video cause of the commercials I don't like commercials

    • Don Bray

      Don Bray

      개월 전

      Than Pay the extra every month for ad free videos!

  • k w

    k w

    2 년 전

    The second one wasn't a sawmill, it's an old movie prop from mad max that a guy picked up and thought he could cut wood with it

    • Michael Matwich

      Michael Matwich

      년 전


    • adjustable Hammer

      adjustable Hammer

      2 년 전

      you can cut wood alright with it but it is still kind of useless as getting wood into lumber not so much

    • Randall Zrubek

      Randall Zrubek

      2 년 전

      I figured he used it to cut down logs too big for a regular mill

    • p char

      p char

      2 년 전

      I wondered why anyone would think they could saw lumber like that. I cringed when the saw ate the dirt at the end.

  • JAMES Rivis

    JAMES Rivis

    2 년 전

    Horror story !!!

  • Mrs Friday

    Mrs Friday

    2 년 전

    That's a huge saw! I never so it before.